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DOH-Sarasota County to Start Transitioning to Walk-Up Vaccination Clinics Friday

By G. Steve Huard, Public Information Officer

April 07, 2021

Starting Friday, April 9th 

SARASOTA –The Sarasota County COVID-19 Vaccine Registration System, a partnership between the Department of Health in Sarasota County and Sarasota County Government, has been extremely successfully with more than 251,202 accounts successfully registered in the COVID-19 vaccine registration system.

To date, over 197,149 individuals received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in Sarasota County, including those in priority groups 1A and 1B, assisted living facilities, hospital and healthcare staff, and community pop-ups.

The vaccine registration system served as a reliable resource for community members, and for DOH-Sarasota ensuring state guidelines were followed for vaccine distribution and most vulnerable populations were reached first. Over 82% of Sarasota County’s most vulnerable population, 65 and older, have been vaccinated and over 45% of the county’s total population has been vaccinated. On Feb. 6, Sarasota County saw the 50,000-person vaccinated, and on March 4, the 100,000-person vaccinated in the community. The county will see the 200,000- person vaccinated this week.

Earlier today, during his presentation to the Sarasota County of Board of County Commissioners on April 7, DOH-Sarasota Health Office Chuck Henry announced that DOHSarasota is prepared to transition to the next phase of administering vaccine in the community.

"Our vaccine registration process has been very successful, so the next logical step is to evolve that registry and move forward. Slowing down or ending the new registration, while continuing to schedule the remaining registrants, will allow us to provide walk-up availability for the vaccine," Henry said. “The important part about that transition is, not what happens to the registration system, but that the next logical step of through a few week period, will be to blend appointments and walkup clinics,” he added.

Beginning 5 p.m., Monday, April 12, the registration system will no longer accept new accounts to prepare for DOH-Sarasota’s transition to the next phase of vaccinating the community. Current registrants will still be able to view their account, and the system will continue to schedule appointment notifications through the existing list of registrants.

DOH-Sarasota will start the next phase of vaccinating the community by offering a walk-up, noappointment needed, first-dose clinics 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Sarasota Square Mall on Friday and Saturday, April 9 and 10. DOH-Sarasota will continue with first-dose walk-up clinic operations Monday through Saturday. Individuals arriving to these clinics with scheduled appointments will not have to wait in the walk-up line.

Individuals receiving their first dose during the DOH-Sarasota walk-up clinics at Sarasota Square Mall will be provided a second-dose appointment date and will not receive a second dose notification. These individuals should pay close attention to the information packet received at the vaccination clinic and continue to monitor the DOH-Sarasota and county websites, and county social media. Individuals should plan to return to the same location 28 days later for their second dose and must bring their vaccination card.

Henry also confirmed that the DOH will continue to focus on delivering COVID-19 vaccines from the primary clinic location at the Sarasota Square Mall but the transition to walk-up operations will help draw more younger and working demographics.

Individuals with questions or needing assistance with account registration may call the Vaccine Registration call center at 941-861-VAXS (8297, or through social media direct message @SRQCountyGov. Individuals needing account or registration assistance should refrain from contacting the Everbridge call center.

For additional information visit or

Vaccine Registration System Timeline

April 12, 2021 Sarasota County will no longer accept new registrations in preparation of the next phase of administering vaccine through walk-up clinics.
April 7, 2021Sarasota County announces preparation to move into next phase of administering vaccine in the community.
March 22, 2021Sarasota County continued welcoming individuals 18 and older to register in the expanded registration platform. And followed Governor DeSantis’ executive order and began scheduling those 50 and older for appointments.
March 15, 2021Sarasota County followed Governor DeSantis’ executive order and began allowing individuals 60 and older to register in the expanded registration
platform which allowed adults 18 and older to register. Assigning account number to only those in current priority groups.
March 12, 2021Sarasota County paused the 1A registration platform and transitioned to an enhanced platform, preparing for future priority group expansions.
Jan. 21, 2021Sarasota County adopted the Florida Surgeon General’s Public Health Advisory and began requiring proof of Florida residency.
Jan. 20, 2021Sarasota County launched the COVID-19 Vaccine Registration System for those 65 and older, and frontline healthcare workers.