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Sarasota Health Care Access

Sarasota Health Care Access Case Manager

Sarasota Health Care Access (SHCA) is a referral system for people who need health care but lack health insurance or are on Medicaid. Individuals who have recently been hospitalized or used an ER for a minor illness are referred to SHCA. If these individuals lack a primary health care provider, SHCA staff assist them in establishing a medical home at DOH-Sarasota.

SHCA Services:

  • Helps patients establish a "medical home" at DOH-Sarasota that includes health care, medications and dental services
  • Assists with community referrals
  • Offers education and support for patients with chronic diseases
  • Provides access to on-site mental/behavioral health services for existing clients

Who can receive SHCA services?
Individuals who receive SHCA services:

  • Have been hospitalized or treated in an area emergency department (ED) also known as (ER) within the last 30 days.
  • Do not have a regular source for on-going health care
  • Are low-income and uninsured (or Medicaid-eligible)

Eligibility and Costs:
SHCA case management services are provided at no cost. The cost of health care depends on your ability to pay as determined by our Eligibility office. Services are available on a sliding fee scale based on family size and income. Health care is available to all eligible persons regardless of place of residence.

To obtain SHCA services:

  • During your emergency department (ED) also known as (ER) or hospital visit, ask a hospital case manager to refer you to SHCA
  • If you have been discharged, go to the nearest DOH-Sarasota Eligibility Office
  • Ask to speak with a SHCA case manager, who may make an appointment for your health care services
  • Bring your prescribed or over-the-counter medications, plus any new prescriptions, to your appointment

For established DOH-Sarasota patients only:

If you have already established DOH-Sarasota as your medical home, SHCA can still help you with:

  • Referrals to community resources
  • Assistance with chronic disease (diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases) management with a Registered Nurse
  • Mental health and substance abuse counseling. Assessment and management for mental health-related medications
  • Help accessing free or low-cost medications not available from DOH-Sarasota's pharmacy

Learn more about Sarasota Health Care Access

  • North County / Sarasota:
    941-861-2705 Fax
  • South County / North Port:
    941-861-2705 Fax