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Volunteering at DOH-Sarasota

Volunteer Health Services Program

There are several ways to volunteer at DOH-Sarasota.

Volunteer Health Services Program 

DOH-Sarasota’s Volunteer Health Services Program is a local version of the Florida Department of Health's statewide program of the same name. Through VHSP, committed volunteers promote access to quality health care for medically underserved and uninsured residents.  DOH-Sarasota is continually recruiting volunteers who can share their time, talent, and the desire to be a part of a quality community organization.

We offer volunteers a friendly and supportive environment. Daytime and some evening hours are available; hours are flexible. There are opportunities for year-round and seasonal residents.

The staff and clients appreciate the time and effort our volunteers give. There is nothing more satisfying than to know that you helped make someone else’s life a little better.

  • Anyone can volunteer by donating his or her time and talents.
  • Volunteer opportunities are available for language (interpretation), clerical, administrative, and technical support.
  • Licensed healthcare professionals can volunteer providing direct patient care.

The VHSP is authorized through Chapters 110 and 766 of the Florida Statutes. Volunteers are supervised by DOH-Sarasota staff.

Enroll in the VHSP

Complete the enrollmment form PDF electronicaly – then click “Submit” to send as an email or “Print” to print and mail/fax.

Trouble with the form?
If you have trouble with the form, try a different browser OR right-click the link above and select “Save As…” to open the PDF directly in Adobe Reader.  (Some browsers do not allow PDF forms by default.)

For more information:

  • Edith L. Richman, VHSP Coordinator, 941-861-2822 or send email

Volunteer Health Care Provider Program 

Private licensed health care providers can volunteer their services to medically indigent residents of Florida. Through a contract, a provider can be designated an "agent of the state" and have sovereign immunity for uncompensated services rendered to clients determined eligible and referred by DOH. Providers have the option to volunteer in freestanding clinics or to see eligible clients in their private offices or corporate facilities.

For additional information or to volunteer through the Volunteer Health Care Provider Program, please contact:

Kathy Wilczynski
Volunteer Health Services Program
(941) 708-5791
410 6th Ave E
Bradenton, FL 34208