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The Onsite Sewage Program has moved to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Environmental Health

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NOTE: Effective July 1, 2021, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for implementing the Florida Statutes and regulations applicable to OSTDS. Under Florida's Clean Waterways Act of 2020, the county health department offices will continue to do the permitting and inspection for septic tanks; please continue to work with them for all of your permitting-related needs. If you have questions, please contact

View Sarasota County Septic System Permits and Records Online!

Septic system permitting documents and records from 1972 to present have been digitized and are available for public access. Click on Septic Search below or call 941-861-6133 for more information.

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New and Existing Septic System Construction and Modification

All new septic system construction permits and existing septic system modification permits in Sarasota County must be designed by a professional engineer per Sarasota County Code of Ordinances. The following forms are required:

Septic System Repair

Any property owner or resident who has a septic system that fails to function in a safe or sanitary manner will obtain directly, or through an agent, a permit to repair the septic system prior to initiating any repair actions. Septic system repair permits require the following forms to be completed:

Septic System Tank Abandonment

Septic tank abandonment permits require the following forms to be completed:


Only registered septic tank contractors and state-licensed plumbers are permitted to work on septic systems in Florida. A property owner may work on their personally occupied residence only after the septic permit has been issued.

Situations pertaining to a change or failure of an additional septic system component will require the septic permit to be amended or revoked by the department.

Septic tank contractors and licensed plumbers can pay OSTDS-Construction fees online at

Operating Regulations

Operating Permits are required for Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs), Performance Based Treatment Systems (PBTSs), and Industrial/ Manufacturing Zoned or equivalent septic systems in Commercial Zones. The owner must maintain a current Operating Permit with the Department of Health for the lifetime of the system.

The Operating Permit must be renewed with the department every two years. Along with the Operating Permit, the owner of an ATU or PBTS must maintain a valid Maintenance Contract with an approved Maintenance Entity for the lifetime of the system. The Maintenance Entity is required to inspect and service the system at least two times per year. All maintenance inspections must be submitted to the department for record keeping. The department will review the permit and maintenance records and conduct an on site inspection of the system each year.

Renew your Operating Permit Online at

Reporting Septic System Failures

The Environmental Health Office investigates complaints regarding Sanitary Nuisances as defined in Florida Statute Chapter 386. When a septic system is in failure and a sanitary nuisance is found to exist a notice to abate is issued to the property owner. The notice gives a reasonable amount time for the septic system correction. If a correction is not completed within the time frame, then legal action will be taken.

If you have a concern about a possible septic system in failure,
please call our office at 941-861-6613


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