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Swimming Pools and Spas

Environmental Health

Sarasota EH OfficeVenice EH Office
DOH-Sarasota's division of Environmental Health oversees the health and safety of public pools, spas, and natural swimming and bathing places in Sarasota County.

Pool School 

All public swimming pools must be maintained by a certified operator to maintain acceptable sanitary conditions and to minimize the possibility of a waterborne disease outbreak.

The person who is directly responsible for the pool operation is required to complete a training course known as Pool School. This course must be conducted or approved by the DOH-Sarasota. The course covers basic pool water chemistry, filter system operation and maintenance, and general swimming pool sanitation.

Pool School is available in person and online.

Rules, Regulations and General Info 


Forms and Applications 

Visit the Florida Department of Health's Swimming Pools page for the following forms:

  • Monthly swimming pool log
  • Application for Exemption Status, more than 32 Units (DH1704)
  • Application for Exemption Status, 32 or Fewer Units (DH4065)
  • Application for Approval of Swimming Pool Plans (DH914)
  • Application for a Swimming Pool Operating Permit/Authorization (DH916)
  • Virginia Graeme Baker Act Main Drain Retrofit Acknowledgement Form
  • Entrapment Protection Verification Form
  • And others

Local forms:

Request for Public Pool Renovation Survey or Inspection

Application for Resurfacing

Application to Amend Facility Information


Contact us for a copy of

  • Pools Facility Change of Owner Notification Form
    A fee of $50 is due upon submission.
  • Notification of Public Swimming Pool Resurfacing Project
    A local form for contractors