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Overdose Data To Action

Overdose Data 2 Action

Your Sarasota County OD2A Prevention Team 

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What Is Your DNA-Drug Narcotic Awareness Profile? 

Health Outreach Prevention Education (H.O.P.E.)

Any Sarasota county family can be affected by the dangers of opioid usages, such as an overdose. That is why we all have a responsibility in preventing and eliminating harmful opioid use and the risks through education and conversations.

Having open and honest conversations with the people in your life about opioids can help you build a supportive environment where prevention education, hope, and recovery are all possible.




Search for Year-Round Medication Disposal Locations

There are generally two kinds of take-back options:

  1. Find a Location via the DEA
  2. Find a Location via Google Maps (mobile-friendly)