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Tobacco Prevention Program

Tobacco Prevention Program

  •  941-861-2969



    Mailing Address

    Division of Health Promotion & Planning 

    2200 Ringling Blvd 

    Sarasota FL 34237 

DOH-Sarasota's Tobacco Prevention Program works to prevent initiation of tobacco use among youth and young adults, reduce secondhand smoke exposure, and promote cessation resources.Learn more about the Tobacco Prevention Program. 

The “Quit Your Way” program providesusers interested in quitting access to free tools, including: 

  • 2-Week Starter Kit of nicotine replacement patches 

  • Text2Quit

  • Email Tips 

  • Quit Guide 

They can choose as many as they need or use them in addition to Tobacco Free Florida’s Phone, Group and Web Quit services.For more information about Quit Your Way, please visit

The Area Health Education Center (AHEC) provides free tobacco cessation services in your area. For more information and a calendar of classes, visit

The Tobacco Prevention Program supports the following initiatives throughout Sarasota County:  

  • Point of Sale -Tobacco at the “Point of Sale” refers to tobacco product marketing and promotion in the retail environment – in convenience stores, gas stations and other retail outlets. 

  • Prevent and Reduce Tobacco Use among Young Adults -Tobacco prevention staff work with local colleges and universities to implement smoke-free and tobacco free campus policies. These policies reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, significantly change attitudes toward tobacco, and contribute to a decline in cigarette smoking prevalence.  

  • Smoke-Free Multiunit Housing -Educate and promote the benefits of implementing a Smoke-Free housing policy and bring awareness to the harmful effects of secondhand smoke to multiunit property owners, managers and residents. 

  • Tobacco Free Worksites  -website provides local employers with knowledge and resources to create safer, healthier worksites through the establishment of tobacco-free policies 

  • Tobacco Free Partnership -The Tobacco Free Partnership is a community based group working to empower and mobilize communities to reduce tobacco related death and disease throughout Sarasota County.

  • Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) -SWATisFlorida'sstatewideyouthorganizationworkingtomobilize,educateandequipFloridayouthtorevoltagainstand de-glamorizeBigTobacco. SWATisaunitedmovementofempoweredyouthworkingtowardsatobaccofreefuture.
    • Therearecurrently12 SWAT Clubs in Sarasota County.Thereare clubs infivemiddleschools,threehighschools, andfourcommunity-basedgroups.

    • Formoreinformationonhowtojoina local SWAT club, 

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