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To honor infection control recommendations, all services will be by appointment for the time being. Walk-ins will be accommodated to be seen if timeslots are available.

Stay healthy when traveling to another country 

Travel Healthy with DOH-Sarasota.  If you are taking an international trip, your travel checklist should include a visit to our Travelers Health Clinics.  Our health professionals will help you learn about immunizations and other precautions recommended for your specific destination.

Who should visit the Travelers Health Clinic?

  • People traveling overseas for business or vacation
  • College-age students who will be studying abroad
  • Those visiting other countries for mission trips or international adoptions

It's best to visit us 4-6 weeks prior to your departure.
Some vaccines are given in a series or take time to become effective. Appointments are required for the Travel Health Clinic. Bring available shot records.

Which vaccinations do I need? 

Each area of the world has different requirements, and you will want to be protected regardless of where you travel. Travelers Health Clinic staff will recommend vaccinations and other precautions based on your destination.  DOH-Sarasota is a state-certified yellow fever vaccination provider.   

Additionally, it is a good idea to keep your flu vaccine up to date whether travelling in-country or out and to be current with routine adult vaccinations.

Common travel vaccines - we stock these and many more!
DOH-Sarasota Travelers Health Clinics offer one-stop service at competitive prices.  We stock many vaccines that are not readily available elsewhere.  Click on a vaccine below to get more information from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).

Anti-Malaria Medication
If you are traveling to an area where malaria is present, you may need to take anti-malaria medication to prevent this disease (there is no vaccine against malaria).  Travelers Health Clinics staff can answer your questions about malaria, and prescriptions for anti-malaria medications can be obtained here. 

Cholera advisory

Those travelers heading to countries where cholera is present are urged to take precautions to avoid transmission. This includes drinking bottled water, washing hands with soap and clean water, using latrines and cooking food thoroughly. If you develop watery diarrhea after traveling to cholera-active countries you should seek medical attention.
Read more about cholera...  [CDC]

More Resources

Vaccine Cost Information

We accept Medicare and most insurance plans if they cover vaccines.

Our travelers’ health service staff provides:

  • comprehensive consultation
  • all required and recommended vaccines
  • prescriptions for anti-malaria medications

Appointments and prices are available by calling the Immunization Program Office.

Sarasota 941-861-2900Image of phone and Skype icon or North Port 941-861-3864Image of phone and Skype icon