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Children's Immunizations


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Our goal remains to provide Sarasota County families with essential immunization services, while also implementing strategies to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Therefore, to honor social distancing recommendations, all services will be by appointment for the time being. Walk-ins will be offered an appointment.

Please call 941-861-2784 for an appointment in Sarasota or 941-861-3864 for an appointment in North Port

Need a certified 680 shot records for School Entry? Parents can get a certified 680 for school entry by emailing us their children's immunization records to the following non-secure email address: 
or they can send a secure fax to 941-526-1532

Immunizations are a safe, effective way to protect your child from getting measles, whooping cough, and many other serious vaccine preventable diseases.  We offer the immunizations required for school and child care.

Getting childhood immunizations at DOH-Sarasota:
Many immunizations are available at no cost to eligible children (through the federally funded Vaccines For Children program). We accept Medicaid and many private insurance plans. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Childhood immunizations are available on a walk-in basis and appointments are available. 

*IMPORTANT: Previous shot records are required.

Locations and hours:

Immunizations are Required for School and Child Care 

Children must be immunized in order to attend any Florida public school as well as any private school or child (day) care center. This includes children who are homeschooled. By the time a child starts school he/she should have already had a number of required immunizations. However, proof of updates, boosters, and series completion is required to enter Sarasota County Schools for the first time and to advance to some grade levels.

Need copies of shot records for school or child (day) care?

  1. Check with your child’s school or private doctor.
  2. Please ask them to fax the record to us: 941-526-1532.
  3. Our staff can then transfer the record to the required DH 680 form.

If you are unable to have your child’s records faxed from their school or doctor:

  1. Please call our Immunizations clinic: 941-861-2900.
  2. Provide your child’s name and date of birth.
  3. Our staff can determine if your child’s record is in the statewide registry.
  4. If not, you will be provided with more information about how to proceed.

Vaccine Safety 

Immunizations are a safe, proven way to protect your children from vaccine-preventable diseases.  If you have concerns, we urge you to read:

 Infomation covered includes the benefits of immunizations, the risks of not vaccinating, details on vaccine safety, and more.

More resources 

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